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HND Homes

Carl Neuhoff
421 E Iris Drive
Suite 300
Nashville, TN 37204
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Phone Number (615) 297-2363
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Product Description

Craighead Development LLC, dba HND Homes, is a Tennessee limited liability company that has specialized in residential development projects for nearly two decades. During that period of time it has developed the land, and constructed nearly 1500 homes. Many of the company’s projects have been redevelopment in-fill type projects within the city of Nashville. The company has developed over two dozen communities during this time.  The majority of those projects have been for first-time home buyers.

Our business model is one of vertical integration, meaning the company selects a site, evaluates and plans the site, develops the site, and constructs the homes. The company markets its homes through a sister company, Hostettler Neuhoff, & Davis LLC, dba HND Realty LLC.  We have been able to provide quality housing which is value priced because we do the majority of the work in house. Our model is one where we are the developer and the general contractor. There are not multiple companies all trying to make a profit.  The result is a value priced home. HND Homes has two principals/owners, Bill Hostettler and Carl Neuhoff.

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